About me

I started this blog with the purpose of sharing my opinions on the books I’ve read so far in my live and to share what I’m reading now with you.

I’m an addicted to reading, as all around me are fond of saying, and it’s something I adore to do. Reading is part of my everyday life, it’s what I do when I’ve nothing else to do, and when I do have other stuff to do reading always sounds better.
Reading has always been part of my life, I started when I was very young, back in those days it was a way of finding a place of security a place where I wasn’t judge, a place full of endless possibilities. Today it’s a refugee from stress, work and other problems. But even when I have no need to escape my life I enjoy reading simple because of the pleasure it brings me.

I love starting a new story, entering a new world and became tangle in the characters’ lives and problems. They became a part of me, their problems became my problems and I can’t stop till I’ve read it all!

After all I do have agreedtoread!


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